There are many varities that you can choose from for your pond. Here are just a few.

Fish can be fun to watch and take care for and also help control mosquitoes and algae. Overcrowding of fish in your pond, your water clarity will be very poor and the filters cant keep up with it. Rule of thumb maximum one inch per every 7-10 gallons of water for a Gold Fish Pond. Maximum one inch per 10 gallons of water for a Koi Pond. Comets, Shubunkins, Fantails: Feed no more than the fish can eat in a five to ten minute period once or twice a day. Koi: Can be fed up to four or five times a day, but no more than the fish can eat in a five to ten minute period each time you feed them. Min, once or twice.

ACCLIMATING FISH (DO NOT LEAVE YOUR FISH IN A HOT CAR FOR VERY LONG.) Float the bag in water. Roll the bag back like you would roll your sleeve. Once every 5 minutes remove 20% of the water from the bag, then add 20% of your pond water to the bag, (discard the water from the bag). Repeat every 5 mintues 5 times. Do not add any of the water from the fish bag to the pond for any reason.

SNAILS act like scavengers they help to clean the sides and the bottom of the pond..I prefer trapdoor snails, they are more hardy, but if you have big fish like Koi or large Comets,etc. they will be eaten.

Tadpoles are excellent for eating algae on the walls of the pond and on plants. The bad thing about tadpoles is when they grow up to be frogs they dont eat algae.

Here Are A Few Pictures Of Some Large Koi and Comets, and Goldfish.

Koi, Comets 20 Inch Koi Big Boy!


18 To 24 Inch Koi,& Comets

Pictures of Some Ponds