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Algae is a warning that a water quality problem exists. In ponds, lakes, water warmed by the sun on the surface, traps the denser water on the bottom, and pollutants such as leaves,clippings,fertilizers, fish waste, and runoffs, creating and idea conditions for algae. When these items decompose they use up the oxygen in the water and results in an accerated buildup of sludge.

Sludge causes foul odors and depletes the ozygen, killing the fish and other aquatic life in the pond.. Aeration is the key to keeping ponds and lakes functional and free from water quality problems. By bringing oxygen into the water and increasing the circulation, aeration naturally stimulates the water's cleanup process and improves the overall quality of the aquatic ecosystem

Aeration can be done in many ways, such as waterfalls, fountains, air stone with pump.


Display Aerator

New 1/4 HP Fountain
Includes 5 interchangable nozzles, float, 50' power cord, two 15' mooring ropes, C-25 timer control box with GFCI protection and photo eye.

1/4 HP fountain with lights includes LED light ring and low voltage transformer fro lights.

Light kit for 1/4 HP fountain includes LED light ring, 50' power cord, and low voltage transformer.



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