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To Biologically balance a pond, Plants, Fish, Snails, Tadpoles, and Oxygen should be introduced to the pond.

Lets Talk About Plants

Marginal Plants are shallow water plants. Which means the water can only be no more than 2 inches deep over the soil in the pot If you have a shelf in your pond that is a good place for a marginal. Marginal plants use their roots to absorb nutrients that would otherwise feed algae in the pond. There are alot of the marginals that are hardy.

Couple Examples of Marginals

These marginals are perennials and mutiply every year, need to be cut back or planted into larger pots. Marginal plants also contribute in creating a natural ecosystem. They remove excess nutrients from the pond water that might otherwise feed algae. Many of these plants grow quite tall, so keep them in the back of the pond, dont want to block your view of the pond..

Hardy waterliliies do not come in as many colors as the tropical waterlilies.

Tropical waterlillies are not hardy and they have serrated edges on their leaves, and come in some nice colors, and some bloom at nite.

Hardy waterlilies leaves are not serrated they are round and straight edges. They also provide places for fish to hide and lay their eggs, plus help reduce algae. Waterlilies sit on the bottom of your pond even if your pond is deep. As with all pond plants, fertilizing will enhance their beauty.

Floating Plants are what the name says. They are not planted in soil they just float on top of the water. The roots hang freely in the water providing small fish with a place to hide,and the long roots draw nutrients from the water while they collect floating debris that would otherwise become food for algae, but the larger fish like to eat the root of the floating plants. They can multiply rapidly and completely cover the surface of your pond in weeks, so you would want to thin these plants out.

Oxygenating Plants give off oxygen in the water and they absorb dissolved minerals in the water that might otherwise become toxic. These are submerged plants. Submerged water plants use their leaves to pull nutrients that would otherwise feed algae in the pond.

We sell hardy waterlillies from $25.00-$35.00 potted, Hardy marginals $15.00-$18.00 potted, Lotus $75.00 potted.

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